Essay On Declining Moral Values In Youth

Even the most principled and dedicated parents sometimes find that their teenagers do not display appropriate moral values and self-discipline. These undisciplined and amoral behaviors can stem from several causes, both biological and environmental. Attentive parenting and in more severe cases, professional intervention, can help teenagers reach their full potential, however.

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The human brain continues to develop until adolescents reach their 20s. Thus, teenagers do not have the same capacity for reasoned decision-making and self-discipline as adults. Likewise, moral development is a process that lasts throughout adolescence. Teenagers, and in particular, young teens, are not developmentally and biologically able to exercise moral reasoning like an adult or older adolescent. Thus, some degree poor decision-making skills and amoral behavior is developmentally normal.

Although teenagers may not have the same decision-making capacity as adults, parental influences can affect the way that a teen behaves and makes choices. In particular, parental behavior plays an important role in how teenagers make decisions. For example, if a teenager sees his parents acting impulsively or making poor choices such as neglecting household responsibilities or skipping work, the teen might believe that he is entitled to make similar choices. Similarly, parents or caregivers abuse or neglect children, they may develop immoral or impulsive behaviors, explains the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

During the adolescent years, peer influences play an important role in teenagers’ choices. Because peer acceptance is a crucial part of most teens’ sense of self and increasing need to separate from the family system, adolescents sometimes base their choices on their friends’ opinions, rather than what is morally right or responsible, according to the American Psychological Association. Generally, teenagers will outgrow this type of behavior as they reach adulthood. Additionally, media influences, such as television and celebrity behavior can affect a teen’s behavior, particularly if they do not have strong role models.

Teenagers with more severe mental health issues can also display poor moral values and a lack of self-discipline. For example, teens with conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder or teens who were abused as children may show little empathy for others and make poor choices and have difficulty controlling their impulses, explains the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Only a qualified mental health professional or pediatrician can determine whether a teen’s choices and self-restraint are developmentally normal or require professional intervention.

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Re: Declining morals among todays youth

The youth today needs to not do all the things the youth of the past did. The youth of the passed was better behaved, on average, because the media was enforcing this, and because peer pressure was forcing them as well. Today peer pressure and the media glorifies apathy above all. Nothing is cooler than not caring about what happens and just "let things run its course".

If there's one thing I'd advice any teenager—a category I'm also still part off—it would be to find a good role model that you connect with. A role model that shares your heritage. A role model to replace the narrative of apathy that young Whites of today follow.

Alternatively, if you feel that you yourself are a leader, you should teach others how to be proud White people. Knowing that you helped others find their place is a very fulfilling thing.

You can always do a little bit of both, of course.

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