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5. Tips & Hints

Be Proactive: Remember that if an issue arises, it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. Talk to your professor(s) and/or department chair sooner so that they can best accommodate you. When you reach the stage of filing an appeal, do it as soon as possible while being mindful of deadlines. This will demonstrate that you are proactive and have taken every measure to fix your situation.

Take Responsibility: As a student, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the guidelines for academic conduct set out by your professors in your course syllabi and the senate policies set out by Ryerson University. These policies can be found at www.ryerson.ca/senate/policies. Visit the Policies Guidance tab [internal link] for more information on policy understanding.

Attend a Workshop: The RSU and CESAR offer a range of workshops that will help you prepare your appeal and understand the process. Attend one of the Letter Writing workshops to prepare your appeals letter, or attend a U201 session to better understand the appeals process, the University and students' union services and the resources you have available. Check the workshops and seminars section [insert internal link] for more information.

Leave a Paper Trail: It is always important to have clear communication with your instructor, and other members of university. You might often trust the people you deal with on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes our memories can get the best of us! Speaking to your instructor and receiving verbal affirmations are good (whether it is to confirm a date to do a make-up exam, or to let them know you will be absent and need accommodations, etc.), and shows that you are a proactive student. However, it is also useful in the long run to have follow-up correspondences over e-mail. The reason for this is that if later something comes up, whether your instructor is being unfair or simply forgot that you have spoken to them, there is the proper documentation to demonstrate what actually took place.

Explain: Be sure to include the following (if it applies to your situation):

  1. Why you didn't drop course(s) before the deadline
  2. Why you did not seek help from your instructor(s)
  3. Why appropriate documentation is not available.


something as simple as school project, you must add a good cover page to it. You have to keep in mind that a good cover will win over the recipient, but a poorly designed one can annoy or irritate him. In order to create a fabulous cover page for your business, you need to look up eBook cover page templates online. You can also see Fax Cover Templates.

One of the best uses of the cover page is that it will offer a preview of the message or content inside to the viewer at a glance. If the cover page is appealing enough, the viewer or reader would be intrigued to delve into the subject further. Besides, the Cover Templates page ensures a good professional aura to your overall document. These days, it is really handy to create the cover pages thanks to the cover page templates online.

Cover Page for  Project Submission Example Format



Communication Assignment Cover Sheet Template Sample



Standard Cover Page Template Example



> Different types of cover pages

The cover page samples are available in a versatile variety, depending on the purpose of the document. Here is a brief on the most used and popular cover pages-

Project Cover Page


A project cover page template will contain the title of the project and the company performing it with its logo.


Book Cover Page


A book cover page template will mention the title of the book, the name of the author and will also allow you to upload an image or picture defining the book.


Report Cover Page


A report cover page template will present the title of your study as well its purpose- precisely, what the study has aimed to cover. The name of the people conducting the study would be mentioned too. It could also be for annual financial reports of the companies.


Resume Cover Page

A resume cover page template will jot down your qualifications and skills so that your hiring manager knows what to expect from your actual resume before he opens it.


> Why to go for Cover Page Template?

A good cover page template sample will allow you to present all relevant information in a fun, attractive fashion. The cover page templates arrive with pre-structured cover pages so that you don’t have to create anything from scratch. This will be helpful if you are about to do a cover page for the first time and are confused about the exact format. You can add a short description about the material inside, and other details about yourself. The templates are easily editable. You can also see Youtube Cover Templates.

Sample Assignment Cover Page Template



Graphic Cover Page Template Example



Sample Business Cover Letter Template


Facebook Cover Page Template


> Tips to Follow with Cover Page

  • Take to cover page template.
  • Your chosen template must complement the theme of your book.
  • Include your major skills and expertise pertinent to the applied job in your resume cover page.
  • For financial reports, include the financial year.

> We will Help

If you are looking for best cover page templates online, template.net would be helpful for you with its great range of professional cover page templates. So what are you waiting for? Download one today!

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