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Subjects: Classical Studies, Philosophy, Humanities

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Essays on Plato’s Epistemology

Franco Trabattoni

Publication Year: 2016

An Innovating approach to Plato’s philosophy. Through a careful survey of several significant Platonic texts, mainly focussing on the nature of knowledge, Essays on Plato’s Epistemology offers the reader a fresh and promising approach to Plato’s philosophy as a whole. From the very earliest reception of Plato’s philosophy, there has been a conflict between a dogmatic and a sceptical interpretation of his work and thought. Moreover, the two sides are often associated, respectively, with a metaphysical and an anti-metaphysical approach. This book, continuing a line of thought that is nowadays strongly present in the secondary literature – and also followed by the author in over thirty years of research –, maintains that a third way of thinking is required. Against the widespread view that an anti-dogmatic philosophy must go together with an anti-metaphysical stance, Trabattoni shows that for Plato, on the contrary, a sober and reasonable assessment of both the powers and limits of human reason relies on a proper metaphysical outlook.

Published by: Leuven University Press

‎1. Thought as Inner Dialogue (Theaet. 189e4-190a6)

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pp. 1-12

2. Logos and Doxa: The Meaning of the Refutation of the Third Definition of Epistêmê in the Theaetetus

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pp. 13-30

‎3. Theaetetus 200d–201c: Truth without Certainty

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pp. 31-46

‎4. Foundationalism or Coherentism? On the Third Definition of Epistêmê in the Theaetetus

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pp. 47-64

‎5. What is the Meaning of Plato’s Theaetetus? Some Remarks on a New Annotated Translation of the Dialogue

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pp. 65-94

‎7. The “Virtuous Circle” of Language: On the Meaning of Plato’s Cratylus

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pp. 111-138

8. The Knowledge of the Philosopher

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pp. 139-166

‎9. What Role Do the Mathematical Sciences Play in the Metaphor of the Line?

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pp. 167-188

‎10. Socrates’ Error in the Parmenides

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pp. 189-198

‎11. On the Distinguishing Features of Plato’s “Metaphysics” (Starting from the Parmenides)

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pp. 199-218

‎12. Is There Such a Thing as a “Platonic Theory of the Ideas” According to Aristotle?

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pp. 219-240

‎13. The Unity of Virtue, Self-Predication and the “Third Man” in Protagoras 329e–332a

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pp. 241-264

14. Plato: Philosophy, Politics and Knowledge: An Overview

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pp. 265-288

E-ISBN-13: 9789461661951
Print-ISBN-13: 9789462700598

Page Count: 336
Publication Year: 2016

OCLC Number: 945662549
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