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Clean India campaign was organized by India's 15th Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that it was a gift for Mahatma Gandhi on his birthday which is on 2nd October. On this occasion Narendra Modi himself cleans many surroundings and also forced people to clean and make their country green and clean. For this he selected his 'Navratna' (Sachin Tendulkar, Amir Khan etc)At last I would say cleanliness is a path towards godliness. So come on and make our country clean and green.   

  • Cleanliness is next to godliness

It is very true that cleanliness is next to godliness. Here the question rises why is cleanliness is next to godliness and what is this cleanliness. Cleanliness  refers to remain clean both physically ( body ) and mentally( brain and heart). Cleanliness means removal of dirt from the body and heart and brain. When dirt is removed from the body it’s mean removal of disease from the body. Cleanliness also tells about our personality and our characters . If we wear clean cloths we get respect from the society. And if we don’t wear clean cloth we are not able to get respect from society. In every religions like Hinduism and Islam before worship cleaning is done . Also god loves those who keep themselves clean and  pure.

    • For example= AT diwali before worship people used to clean their houses. They used to paint their houses. This gives that the god only comes there where cleaning in done. There is a clean environment.

Hence cleanliness is next to godliness. So to the way of godliness cleanliness also plays a crucial role. Let's take a pledge to make India a heaven by cleanliness. 

Introduction:- Mystery refers to the in-completion of anything on a topic . It means suspense.

Main body:- Mystery is also very important in one's life . People have to face many mystery in their life . It makes thrills and spicy atmosphere as there is no solution exists .

  • Mystery is divided into:
    • "Traditional mystery",
    • "Legal thriller",
    • "Medical thriller",
    • "Cozy mystery",
    • "Police procedural", and
    • "Hard-boiled".

Sometimes it also causes some trouble . As it is so excited people even could face heart-attacks due to the stress on the NERVOUS system.

Example:- We don't know much about the black hole. A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. We can't get any reason for it .



Another topic which could be of help: 

Free basics - boon or a bane ?
You should decide whether to speak against it or for this topic has gained a world wide importance. so I think it will be worth the while for preparing it, as it will  not only enlighten your knowledge about the current issue but it will also help you to   build your own perspective ! as you will come across its merits and demerits you would be made more clear of your doubts on this very issue!

Some other topics Could be the Following:

People,Adventure,Environment,Mystery,Children,Sports and games,Money,Culture and music,Art,Craft,Humor,Wisdom,Science and the future,Fashion,etc

Ending Notes 
The Truth is speak on any of the topic and your partner/teacher will ask you the question, which will be given by you, and second question will be a general question for some improvement or something general which you can definitely answer

its just a simple task and i bet you u will get “A GRADE” or may be “A+ GRADE”

dear friend the worst grade will be “(B or B+ )” for those who don’t know anything and to a person like you who is conscious, u will simply get “A or A+)

See whichever topic you choose there is no problem

1.Child Labor
2.Importance of Dress code in Schools
3.Social Networking Sites among the
modern youth
4.Education System of India
5.Dependence on technology
6.Poverty in India
7.Corruption – A big threat to Development
8.Digital India
9.It is better to die on feet than to live
on knees
10. Aim of Education
11. Newspapers and their Importance
12.The World of Technology
13.The secrets of Public Speech
14.My Dream is India
15.Afforestation and Its Impacts
16.Technological Advancements
17.Sustainable Development
18.Advantages of Co-education In India
19.Women and Society for Her
20.Science in the Service of Man
21.Value of Hard Work
22.The Need for Discipline in Life
23.Role of Chance in Examinations
24.Preservation of Wild Life
25.National Integration- the Need of the Hour
26.The Changing Face of Our Villages
27.Secrets of Happiness
28.Importance of Media
30.Science in the Service of Man
31. How to Beat a Bad Mood
32. Indian Culture
33. Egotism is a fault of Mankind
34. Demonitiation
35.Make in India
36.Books as Companions
37.Blood Donation
38.Right to vote
39.Mind Change Because of Generation Gap
40.A memorable day of My Life.
41.Adolescent Problems
42.Importance of Games and sports in
43.student life
44.My childhood
45.A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.
46.Road Safety
47.Save Electricity
48.Save Water
49.Habit of Reading never Leaves Us Alone
50.My dream Holidays
51.Your first day at school
52.My Ideal
53.Dependence on Technology
54.Important technological discoveries in the history of mankind
54.Impact of media on society
56.The value of discipline.
57.If I were a millionaire
58.Your Idea of Ideal India
59.Difficulties in the lives of Famous People
60.Man is the architect of his own fate.
61.Merits & Demerits of the present system of examination
62.Craze of fashion among youngsters
63.Giving in to peer pressure
64.The changing face of India
65.Indian Tourism
66.Importance of English
67.Censorship in the Media
68.Problem of Overpopulation
69.Threat of World War Three
70.The Social Impact of Computers
71.Uniforms- Compulsory or Optional.
72.Problem of Piracy in India
73.Drinking Alcohol Must be Banned?
74.India- A Land of Great Personalities.

75. Adventure is the zest for life


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