Gender Selection Essay

Gender Selection: Is It Right? Essay

Gender Selection: Is it Right?Predicting baby's gender has always been something that some couples think about when they are expecting a new baby. A baby's sex is determined at the time of conception and many couples don't want to wait until the baby's birth to know what they are having. However, there has been intense debate regarding whether it is ethical to use new reproductive technologies for the purpose of selecting the sex of one's child. Those against it have argued that sex selection is playing God by interfering with the natural process of reproduction and also that it harms women because in many countries, there is a bias in favor of having male offspring and sex selection can contribute to this bias.

I believe that gender selection is wrong because it could have very serious effects on our country, if not the world. The entire process of gender selection seems unethical in that one technique used for selecting the sex of the baby is termination of pregnancy. In other words, it is abortion, but that is a different ethical issue. There are many other reasons for why it should be banned such as sexism will grow greatly in that area. Gender selection can also lead to many other options that parents might want to choose for their child such as appearance, height, or even intelligence.

Historically, sex selection has been practiced more or less successfully and in a number of ways even though some of the rituals might have been somewhat barbaric. The Greeks, for example, thought that tying off the left testicle would produce a male because the male determining sperm were derived from the right testicle (Himmel). Various other methods based on the positioning and timing of the intercourse or special diets have also been thought to work (Patterson). Some believe that foods high in sodium and potassium such as bananas, cherries, tomatoes or even sweet corn tend to favor a male (Patterson). However, there are more effective ways of selecting a child's gender.

A number of new technologies have been employed in recent years. The most widely discussed one is preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), because it can be 100% effective (Dayal). PGD was developed for patients who were at risk of having children with serious genetic disorders such as hemophilia (Dayal). In the case of sex selection, PGD works as follows: A woman is given medicine so that she can produce many eggs. Once the eggs are mature, they are collected and put in a fertilization lab. By the third day, the embryos are biopsied, or examined for diagnostic purposes, to determine their sex and also whether or not they have genetic diseases. Then the normal embryo with the desired sex is transferred into the uterus (Dayal). However, what is wrong with this process is that the other embryos are just discarded, bringing up the issue of ethicality in gender selection.

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Essay on Choosing The Sex Of a Baby

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Choosing The Sex Of a Baby

With new technologies available everyday, it seems almost as if we can customize our children. Reproduction is no longer an outcome of random and inherited genes, but now it’s a process of creating the child that we want to have. Fertility clinics are in debate as to whether or not it is ethical to be able to determine the sex of our children. Some view this as a valid option, while others see it as another step down the road to designer babies. But how far is too far? That is a question that we can only answer for ourselves. While this article remains unbiased, we are able to form our own opinion after seeing the pros and cons of both sides.

Virginia Blackburn is in support of the choice to choose. She…show more content…

In the end, this can all be avoided by the simple decision to be able to choose the baby’s gender.

However, while all of these reasons might be valid to some parents, they are always people who oppose these modern technologies. Hilary Freeman disagrees. She feels parents would want to be able to choose merely for social reasons. Plus, she values the ideal that “babies are not commodities. They are not born to satisfy our desires or dreams and we cannot dispose of them if they don’t meet our requirements” (2). She feels that there is one and only one condition in which the parents should be able to choose; and this is on the basis of medicinal purposes. If the child is likely to inherit genes for a condition which is harmful to them such as hemophilia or muscular dystrophy. She also adds that wanting a balanced family is a shallow concept. She doesn’t agree with it, or see any value in it.

There is also the surprise of finding out the gender at time of birth. Not only are the parents delighted in the surprise at the moment of birth, but they’re just plain grateful that they’ve been blessed with a healthy child. By being able to determine gender, according to Freeman, we’re cheapening this, and making childbirth into a mere consumer choice. In the end, children are a gift, a gift of nature.

Despite the fact that both of these

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