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When you apply for university or college in the UK, writing a personal statement for UCAS is one of the things you will have to do. Every UK college and university application passes through the UCAS (University and College Application Service) and must be written to the criteria they prescribe. Regardless of how many schools you are applying to, you will write only one personal statement. For that reason, if you are applying to more than one program you shouldn’t include any school names in your personal statement. You will be restricted to 4000 characters or 47 lines of text when writing personal statement papers, so you need to make every word count. School admissions consider personal statements quite strongly when selecting among applicants so you should put an appropriate amount of time and effort into writing it.

Things to Consider When Writing Your Personal Statement for UK Schools

Writing a personal statement that makes the impression you want will require that it succeeds in several areas. Those are:

  • Explaining why you want to pursue this particular course of study and how you developed an interest in the topic. This is the first priority of your personal statement.
  • Show and provide examples of qualities and traits that make you a good choice for the course. If you claim a trait/quality you must back up your statement with an example of how you have displayed that trait.
  • Give some specific career goals in the course field.
  • Be interesting and original.
  • Show that you have an interest in the field that extends back for some time.

What school admissions are trying to determine your personal statement is how strong your motivation and commitment to completing the course is. By showing with the help of our personal statement writing service UK that you have had a long time interest in the field and have undertaken to learn more about it through extracurricular activities you are improving your chances of selection. If you are having trouble writing a personal statement that will help improve your admission chances, you should consider our personal statement writing service.

Top 5 UK Universities to Apply

  1. Cambridge
  2. Oxford
  3. London School of Economics
  4. Imperial College London
  5. Durham

Our UK Personal Statement Writing Service

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We offer personal statement writing help from proofreading to the actual writing of your personal statement. Our writers specialize in personal statements, and they have the knowledge, ability, and experience to write a personal statement that gets the results you are after. Using the information you supply, we can provide you with a completely original personal statement written to your specifications. When you use our service benefits include:

  • Professional editing of every personal statement.
  • Free plagiarism checks.
  • Guarantees that the personal statement we provide is original, well written, error free and delivered on time.
  • Complete customer confidentiality

When you need personal statement help, contact us for an effective personal statement that gets results.

What is a personal statement?

Personal statements are becoming increasingly popular in the public sector where usually the employer will require a completed application form and supporting statement rather than the traditional CV and cover letter. They allow the candidate to demonstrate why they are a good ‘fit’ for the role. We have also recently seen a huge increase in graduate employers taking this route of application, but this time using a personal statement to accompany a CV.

Who needs a personal statement?

Personal statements are widely used in the public sector and to apply for university undergraduate and master’s degrees.

We are experienced in preparing personal statements for a variety of industries:

  • Healthcare – including nursing and midwifery
  • Teachers – including head teachers, teaching assistants and lecturer
  • Public sector roles such as local council and government positions
  • Social work and housing officers
  • PAs and administration
  • Research and fundraising roles

Need a UCAS personal statement?

If you are applying to university through UCAS, or for a master’s degree or PhD, your personal statement will be used by the admissions team to determine your suitability for higher education and the subject itself. You will need to demonstrate through your past experience a determination to succeed and a keen interest in the subject to be studied.

At a young age, some of us struggle to see what would be of relevance to university admissions teams. Our expert personal statement writer will work with you to identify the activities that you have taken part in and the personal qualities that you already possess that will be of relevance to the selection panel.

How to write a personal statement

Completing a personal statement successfully takes time and dedication – in fact some people believe that they are used as a method to reduce the number of applications for certain roles. So it is certainly worth investing some effort in your personal statement writing to demonstrate your determination to get the job.

CVpal offers a personal statement writing service where we liaise with you to identify your skills and experience which best match the person specification for the role. Contact us for more information.

Matching 80% of the essential skills

Ensure that you have an employment history, education and key skills that at least match 80% of the essential skills. If you do not meet these skills then it is easy to conclude that you are likely to not succeed in the application and that you will probably waste both your time and the employer’s time applying.

​Read the job specification very carefully

Read the job specification very carefully and then make notes that evidence the skills they are requesting. Make sure that you clearly identify how the particular skill or competency assisted you in your role and ensure that you demonstrate the end results.

Keep it short

Do not write too much. Usually we would recommend that if a job specification has around 12 key points then your statement needs to be in the region of 800 words (one and a half pages of A4).

Identify your motivation and interest

Ensure that the statement has a strong introduction identifying your motivation and interest in the role and has a strong conclusion to really make an impact.

A personal statement is not a cover letter

A personal statement is not a cover letter and visa-versa. A personal statement is much more detailed. We have many clients who contact us to write a cover letter that is actually a personal statement once we see the application form or job specification. Ensure you fully understand what is required.

​Check your grammar and spelling

Check your grammar and spelling, there really is very little excuse these days to have any errors in a document. Just press spell check and note any “green lines” under content.

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