Meiosis Flip Book Assignment Answers

As a final review, students are tasked with developing a claim that meiosis is responsible for causing genetic variation among the siblings in their family.  Students will use their lecture notes and textbook to cite evidence that supports their claim.  To get the most from this homework assignment, students are encouraged to go home and carefully observe the variations in physical traits or phenotypes  of their siblings.  Students need to brainstorm a list of differences they observe between their siblings.  If a student is an only child, they can visit a friend's family or make observations of other households in their extended family.

Once students have completed their "research" observations of their siblings, they will use their data as evidence to explain how the process of meiosis is responsible for genetic variations in the gene pool.  These written responses will be shared in class as a reinforcing activity in the next lesson.

Student Work Sample - Meiosis - This sample of student work demonstrates student understanding of the importance of meiosis to enable genetic variation in families and in our community.  This writing prompt would have been more efficiently completed if it was written in-class because students needed more guidance and explanation than I initially anticipated.  I will continue to use this prompt to encourage students to write across the curriculum and explain their understanding of meiosis and genetic variation, but I will make sure students have the face-to-face supports in place to improve the chances of student success for this assignment!

Students are encouraged to view the video clip below for a more detailed review of meiosis as they brainstorm and gather evidence in an effort to develop their claim.

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